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Top 7 Foods to Avoid If You Want to Stay Healthy

When you’re trying to take care of your health, examining what you eat is an important step. Your meals don’t have to be perfect to nourish your body, but there are a few healthy types of foods that will never help you feel well. Let’s take a look at the top 7 foods to avoid if you want to stay healthy.

  1. Processed Foods – Especially Fast Food

Highly processed foods, like frozen pizza or drive-through chicken nuggets, have high levels of unhealthy fats, sugar, and salt. Worse, these products are designed to be super palatable, training your taste buds to be unsatisfied with normal, healthy types of food. The first step is to kick these out of your life, so you can learn to love real food again. 

  1. Sugary Drinks

Too much sugar is bad for you in any form. But sweet sodas and even fruit juices are straight, liquid sugar that will raise and drop your blood sugar quickly, leaving you tired and craving more sugar. 

  1. Processed Meats

While it’s good to have handy sources of protein available, processed meats like hot dogs and lunch meats are very high in sodium as well as preservative chemicals. 

  1. Artificial Sweeteners

It might seem like a good idea to use these to help you eliminate sugar, but artificial sweeteners may actually be worse. Not only are they unhealthy, but they also seem to lead to weight gain. 

  1. Canned Soup

These soups are often low in nutrients and high in salt. Soup can be vegetable packed and very healthy, but it usually isn’t if it came from a can. 

  1. Sweetened Breakfast Cereals

Cold cereal is generally too sweet and nutritionally void. Not a great meal any time, but starting your day with so much sugar puts your body on a blood sugar roller coaster for the rest of the day. 

  1. Your Kryptonite

Each body is different, and sometimes the same food that makes one person feel great can make another person feel fatigued and bloated. The best foods for you depend on a complicated interplay between your health, your hormone levels, your wellness goals, and your unique body. 

When you’re trying to figure out which foods to avoid to stay healthy, the best way to care for your body is to have professionals in your corner. At Apollo Medical Associates we specialize in functional medicine, hormone replacement, and medical weight loss care. To see the difference specialized care can make for you, contact the dietary experts at Apollo today.





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