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Is your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight?

Make it Happen with Medical Weight Loss

If you have decided on losing weight for your New Year’s resolution, then you are certainly not alone. Last year, the most popular New Year’s resolutions in Americans were exercising more (50%), saving money (49%), eating more healthily (43%), and losing weight (37%). However, 80% of New Year resolutions apparently fail by the second week in February. So, how do you become one of the 20% success stories? The answer is by setting SMART goals.


What are SMART goals, and how do they Aid Weight Loss?

SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. SMART goals are a well-established tool that you can adapt to plan and achieve your personal goals. For example, if you set the goal ‘I want to lose two stone in one month,’ this sets you up to fail before you have even started. It’s not achievable, and the timeline is unrealistic. Instead, change this into a SMART goal considering the following:

What do you want to accomplish? What resources do you need? Where will you do it? Why is it important?

How much weight do you want to lose? How will you measure it? How will you monitor your weight loss?

Is it realistic? Is there anything that may set you back?

Do you really want to lose weight? Is it the right time in your life? Are there any barriers you haven’t considered?

Is your timeline realistic? How much weight can you lose and keep off in a week? Or a month? What is your goal weight, and is it healthy for your body?


An example of a new adjusted SMART goal would be:

‘I will lose one pound a week for ten months until I reach my goal weight of XXX lbs.’ 

When you look at this goal now, it seems much more achievable. One pound a week is a manageable and healthy rate to lose weight. It means you can take it week by week without being overwhelmed but still achieve your New Years Resolution of losing 40lbs. 

SMART goals allow you to harness your motivation and develop a concrete action plan to achieve your New Year goals. 


Remember, weight loss tricks don’t work for everyone

Weight loss is not always straight forward. It’s not always as simple as counting calories or following the latest diet trend. Stress brought on by extreme diets can actually cause weight gain. Diet alone is also not enough to lose weight and keep it off. According to the National Weight Control Registry, exercise is the number one factor that predicts weight loss success.

Sometimes, you can follow all the proper guidelines, set your SMART goals, stick to your plan, and the weight does not seem to fall off. In this case, it may be an underlying hormone problem. Excess belly fat and difficulty losing weight can be due to hormonal imbalance. Women approaching or experiencing menopause will especially find it difficult to lose weight due to a decline of their progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone levels. This is when additional services may be needed to help you achieve your weight loss goals. 


Hormone Replacement Therapy and Medical Weight Loss Services

If you’ve tried everything to lose weight, and nothing seems to work, then reach out to Apollo Medical Associates. We offer hormone replacement therapy and medical weight loss services in Colorado Springs. Our specially trained medical team understand hormonal imbalances and provide a medically-driven approach to help you meet your weight loss targets. With a comprehensive range of medical weight loss treatment options and specialists in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, we can guide you through the best weight loss plan for your individual needs. Click here to fill out our online contact form, or call Apollo Medical Associates today on 719-477-3135 to start your physical wellness journey, and let us help you meet your New Years resolution.




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