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How to Stay Fit While You’re Staying Home

How to Stay Fit While You're Staying Home

Being in quarantine has been a huge change. We’ve gone from being constantly busy to spending long days at home, and if you’re someone who’s used to going to the gym and staying fit, you’re probably missing getting exercise. What’s more, the extra stress people are going through means everyone would probably benefit from a good sweat session. Fortunately, whether you’re used to working out or you’d like to take this time to work on your fitness level, there are plenty of ways to stay fit from home.   

Healthy Quarantine Fitness Tips

  1. Make a plan. This is an important place to start any fitness routine, but it’s especially important right now. Scheduling time for exercise can help restore structure to your day, which may reduce anxiety for some people.
  2. Drink water! This is a great opportunity to create a habit of staying hydrated. Fill a pitcher with 64 ounces of water in the morning, add some fruit slices, and make it your goal to finish it by the end of the day. 
  3. Weight training. You don’t need weights or machines to do weight-bearing exercises. You can find a ton of no-equipment exercise videos online to help you strengthen and tone. 
  4. Get your heart going. Aerobic exercise is stress relieving and may even boost your immune system, two things we can all use right now. You don’t have to run for miles, but just taking a brisk walk can raise your heart rate. If you can’t go outside, you can also find online aerobic exercise videos — or just turn on some music and dance!
  5. Treat yourself to good food. You’re probably cooking more meals at home these days, so why not take this opportunity to learn to make some delicious, healthy meals? Just cooking your own food is a great step forward, but increasing vegetables and whole grains can really take your meals to the next level. 

If you’re feeling stressed it may be tempting to comfort yourself with unhealthy habits, but taking care of yourself in a healthy way will leave you feeling so much better. 

There is so much advice about the best way to stay fit from home, and even tips on staying healthy in general. If you’re dealing with a specific health issue, or aren’t sure of where to start, let us help at Apollo Medical Associates. We offer functional medicine, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and medical weight loss services, to help us find the right answers for each individual patient. We’re now offering convenient telemedicine appointments, so contact us now for whole-body health! How to Stay Fit from Home – Healthy Quarantine Tips | Apollo




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