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What Does a Healthy and Safe Medical Weight Loss Program Look Like?

What Does a Healthy and Safe Medical Weight Loss Program Look Like?

You’re feeling sluggish and uncomfortable in your own skin. Even if your clothes are the correct size, they just don’t fit quite right — it seems like you just never feel your best. Maybe you’re even cutting back on activities you used to enjoy because you’re carrying extra pounds.

Healthy & Safe Weight Loss ProgramYou have researched all the ideas for how to lose weight fast and might have even tried to lose weight by drastically changing your diet with no success. Instead of seeing the weight disappear, you just feel that you’re depriving yourself.

Healthy weight loss does take discipline, but it doesn’t have to be a constant struggle. Finding a healthy and safe medical weight-loss program to fit your needs can be a real game changer. Instead of fighting your body, you’re getting your body in balance, so losing those extra pounds isn’t such an insurmountable obstacle.

Why Balancing Your Hormones Makes Such a Difference

When you were younger, you might have had an easier time dropping weight. You never had to think about how to lose weight as you saw fast results from cutting calories for a few weeks. You might even be irritated with yourself if that approach isn’t working now. But some people, especially as they add a few birthdays, develop hormonal imbalances. If your hormones aren’t allowing your body to function properly, it’s going to be way more difficult to lose weight with a traditional diet and exercise program.

Several hormones can play a role in keeping you at a healthy weight. If any of these are produced in excess — or if your body doesn’t make enough — you could find the scale inching higher. If a hormone imbalance is the source of weight gain, then it is vital to shift your perspectives away from how to lose weight fast and into engaging in a healthy and safe weight loss program with expert resources and personalized hormone therapy.

  • Leptin. This hormone is released from your fat cells and goes to your brain to let your body know that it’s full. Too much leptin cancels that signal out, so you miss the signal that you’ve had enough to eat. And the more fat you have, the more leptin is produced, so it can be a tough cycle to break.
  • Cortisol. Produced in response to stress, cortisol helps your body convert sugar into fat. That’s great if you’re facing a season of scarce resources, but in our modern lives, that just translates into unwanted pounds.
  • Estrogen. This traditionally female hormone is even made in smaller quantities by males, and it can have an impact on insulin production. An imbalance of estrogen can cause your insulin production to make more sugar into fat. If you’re exposed to chemicals that mimic estrogen, regardless of your sex, you could develop insulin insensitivity and pack on the weight.
  • Testosterone. Even in females, testosterone can help with metabolism and maintaining healthy lean tissue. Too little testosterone can impact your ability to properly burn the food you eat into energy.

Comprehensive medical weight loss programs are healthy and safe and can make a big difference, because you’ll have a team of medical professionals evaluating your needs and developing a program just for you. We can test your overall hormone levels and identify where you need some balance. Then we create a program that combines necessary hormones with a healthy diet and invigorating exercise to help you discover how to lose weight fast and keep it off.

How to Choose the Right Medical Weight-Loss Program

The right healthy medical weight loss for you will be led by experienced medical practitioners who can walk you through each step of the program. Healthy loss will be relatively consistent, as opposed to those “how to lose weight fast” scams, though you may see the pounds drop off immediately as your body responds to positive changes and being in balance. You may take bio-identical hormones, Phentermine or HCG; none of these is a complete fix on its own but can help you get your own body’s hormones in balance.

You’ll also be advised on smart food choices — ones that don’t inundate your body with excess sugar that gets processed as fat. Instead, you’ll learn to enjoy sweet foods in moderation and select foods that encourage your body to get in balance. As well, you’ll learn about the best exercise options to get hormones in check without wiping you out and increasing your hunger.

The knowledgeable medical team at Apollo Medical Associates can evaluate your hormone levels, start a program of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to help get you in balance, and help you at every phase of your weight loss until you meet your goals. Contact us today to explore the customized solutions for your healthy and safe medical weight loss program. Reclaim your life and feel better about your body.

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