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Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men

Now, more men than ever are taking advantage of the life-changing benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). If you think you may be suffering from low testosterone, or have low testosterone and are considering treatment, Apollo Medical offers a comprehensive suite of treatment options at our Low T Center in Colorado Springs – our aim is improving your well-being. There are a few important aspects of TRT to consider when deciding if Testosterone Replacement Therapy is the right choice for you.

Low Testosterone

Low testosterone can result from a variety of conditions. Often, low testosterone can be caused by a problem with the testicles due to injury, environmental exposure, or physical defect (“Primary Hypogonadism”). Low T can also, however, be caused by issues in the pituitary gland or hypothalamus, two parts of the brain important in the production of testosterone (“Secondary Hypogonadism”). Secondary hypogonadism may also be caused by other medical conditions, such as diabetes or the use of certain drugs. Testosterone levels also gradually decline with age; approximately 20-40% of older or middle-aged suffer from low testosterone or symptoms related to low T.

Symptoms of low testosterone often include:

  • Erectile dysfunction, or problems maintaining an erection
  • Decreased libido
  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Reduced lean muscle mass
  • Increased body fat
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Depression and/or Anxiety

Low T can dampen many aspects of a man’s life. If you’re experiencing symptoms of low T, our TRT center in Colorado Springs is your source for restored vitality. Schedule an appointment with one of our experts at Apollo Medical Associates and take back control of your life.

Treating Low T

Testosterone Replacement Therapy aims to restore your testosterone to natural, healthy levels through a variety of different treatment options. At our Low T Center in Colorado Springs, we assess your testosterone levels via a blood test, allowing our expert team to determine both your natural testosterone levels, as well as various related hormones and potential medical conditions. If our team at Apollo Medical Associates determines that you are suffering from low T, we will likely prescribe testosterone supplementation.

There are a few different forms of testosterone available to patients at our Low T Center in Colorado Springs. Oil-based testosterone can be injected into the muscle, typically once a week. Testosterone gels or creams, on the other hand, can be applied topically to deliver testosterone through daily application to the skin. In some cases, testosterone can also be supplemented through a transdermal patch or pellet, though topical cream and injections are the most common forms of treatment. At the moment, there are no FDA-approved oral forms of testosterone in the US.


Benefits of TRT

Patients typically report seeing positive benefits shortly after beginning therapy. Effects on libido may be apparent immediately, while improvements in mood, focus, and cognitive function could take several weeks. Some of the positive benefits our Low T Center has seen in Colorado Springs patients include enhanced libido, frequency and quality of erections, and an overall improvement in sex life. Many patients enjoy a better mood, reduced anxiety, greater energy, and an improved sense of wellbeing. Some patients experience a reduction in body fat, increased muscle development and strength, or virilizing effects such as deeper voice or an increase in facial and body hair.

Testosterone replacement therapy has consistently shown to positively alter body composition. Increased muscle mass improved muscle synthesis, reduced fat mass via enhanced lipolysis, and reduction in the loss of bone mineral density due to aging has been consistently observed in study.


Side Effects of TRT

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is well-tolerated and relatively low in side effects for the majority of patients. However, some negative effects can result, making it important to work closely with your provider during therapy. Potential side effects of TRT can include:

  • High RBC Count (or Erythrocytosis)
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Fluid Retention
  • Altered Cholesterol levels

TRT may also cause infertility. While infertility is usually reversible, it is important for men who wish to preserve their fertility to discuss the details and risks of treating Low T with your Colorado Springs team at Apollo Medical before beginning a course of TRT. TRT may also not be appropriate for patients with several preexisting medical conditions, including prostate cancer, prostate conditions, or uncontrolled congestive heart conditions.


TRT by Apollo Medical

Apollo Medical Associates has helped countless men rediscover their energy, focus, happiness, and wellbeing through testosterone replacement therapy. Our team of BHRT professionals strive to tailor our treatment plans to each patient’s individual need, and provide a warm, welcoming, and accommodating Low T Center for Colorado Springs men wishing to take advantage of the benefits of TRT. If you think you may be suffering from low T, or would like to learn more about what our providers can do to treat your low T symptoms, contact us at Apollo Medical Associates

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