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Advanced Hormone Replacement for Men

You’ve perhaps never considered hormone replacement therapy for men as an option to improve your health, but it has become a common practice to help men with their physical and sexual health by bringing more balanced testosterone levels. While hormone replacement isn’t always the appropriate approach as all men have a reduction in testosterone as they age, it’s the best option for those with abnormally low testosterone. With bioidentical hormone therapy for men, our team of experts at Apollo Medical Associates, can manage testosterone irregularities and imbalances, correct thyroid issues, and take advantage of the beneficial results of DHEA and growth hormones.

Why Should You Seek These Treatments?

Testosterone management in males is essential for overall physical health. Despite most men’s familiarity with testosterone as a sex steroid, it’s essential for other body functions. Low testosterone can have other physical effects, as well as influences on your brain and your mood.

  • Decreased libido
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Bone thinning
  • Temperature irregularities and sweating

How Hormone Replacement Helps

Testosterone contributes to mood management, where the proper balance can improve libido and increase energy. In fact, it also affects your memory and intellect. Some common symptoms of testosterone imbalance are depression and fatigue and finding the proper male hormone treatment can restore the vitality you need to reclaim your behavior.

Our low T treatment at our Colorado Springs office may be exactly what you need to correct these symptoms. Low T can additionally affect your muscle strength, fat tissue, and bone strength. With the proper hormone replacement therapy for men, you can increase overall muscle mass and strength for a leaner body type, decrease body and abdominal fat, and increase bone density and stem cell production.

Testosterone even has an impact on the functionality of your internal organs. With positive effects on your heart, kidney, and liver, testosterone management can stimulate production of necessary proteins and performance of blood count and blood vessels.

With low T management from our Colorado Springs team at Apollo Medical Associates, you’ll notice an overall increase in countless areas of your health. Testosterone management helps your bone mineral density, leading to fewer possibilities of fractures.

Some other health issues hormone replacement helps:
  • Leaner body mass and decreasing fat mass
  • Improved lipid profiles and dilated blood vessels in the heart
  • Prevention of metabolic syndrome
  • Improved sexual function

Other Hormone Replacement Treatments

Through Apollo Medical Associates, you can get the above low T treatments in Colorado Springs with superior medical expertise and an experienced medical team. However, if your needs do not fall into those categories, our expert team is trained in a variety of other hormone replacement treatments related to other underlying conditions including:
  • Thyroid hormone replacement to restore T3 and T4, the two primary thyroid hormones
  • Hormone treatment is for DHEA, a hormone that often reduces when men (and women) age and that helps men improve their sex life and general well-being
  • Growth hormone therapy, paired with testosterone therapy, for a more synergistic effect

Why Apollo is the Right Choice for Your Treatment

Apollo Medical Associates is your premier resource for comprehensive hormone replacement therapy for men. Our experienced medical team identifies the customized treatment plan for your individual needs and works with you to develop the proper means to implementing hormone therapy for men into your lifestyle. Call us now to start living your life the way you were meant to!
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