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Anti-Aging Solutions for Colorado Springs Residents

Anti-Aging Solutions for Colorado Springs Residents

When it comes to anti-aging, we have seen a range of trends throughout 2020. From anti-wrinkle creams to surgical procedures, there are a wealth of options available to help you look and feel younger. Some of the popular treatments in 2020 include chemical peels, oxygen facials, thermage, supplements, regenerative medicine, and liquid facelifts.  Costs can […]

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Best Nutritional Supplements for the Elderly

health supplements

Aging is a natural part of the cycle of life, and it is possible to remain active and healthy as you age. However, your body goes through significant changes as you get older including thinning skin, muscle loss, and less stomach acid production. Nutrient deficiencies are also more common in older adults. The good news […]

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Support Your Health During COVID-19

Although there is still no cure and no vaccine yet for the virus, there are ways to support your health during COVID-19 and things you can do to help prevent contracting the illness. Certain lifestyle choices and supplements can provide important immune system support and protection to help with your physical health. And there’s some […]

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How to Prevent and Treat Headaches Without Medication

How to Prevent Headaches

There’s a reason that people describe a frustrating problem as “a headache.” Headaches are intrusive, painful, and they can be hard to shake. Part of the puzzle is figuring out what kind of headache you have. Some of the main kinds are: Migraine – Painful and debilitating. People often experience visual disturbances, nausea, light sensitivity, and […]

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Diet and Depression

When people consider mental health, they usually think about things like medication and therapy. But for a growing number of medical professionals, nutrition is becoming a major focus and there are treatments that incorporate diet and depression. After all, the brain is the hub of all activity in the body, and if it doesn’t get […]

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Probiotics for Mental Health & Mood

Probiotics have been all the rage for several years now, but just what do they really do? First of all, probiotics are made up of live, beneficial bacteria. Most of us are familiar with them as an aid in digestive health. Yogurt and kimchi (a Korean side dish of vegetables) are both good sources of […]

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Functional Medicine for Chronic Fatigue

Everyone feels tired sometimes. It is natural with contributing factors including physical, mental, and emotional components. But people who experience chronic fatigue are struggling with much more than simple tiredness, and functional medicine may be the answer. Everyone feels fatigued at times. Symptoms of Fatigue Fatigue is more than simply feeling tired. Chronic fatigue is […]

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Why Intermittent Fasting is More Effective Combined with Ketogenic Diet

Intermittent Fasting with Keto Diet

You’ve probably heard the buzz about Intermittent Fasting (IF) and the Keto diet. It seems that everyone is trying one or both of them. But what are they, and how do you know if they’re right for you? Intermittent Fasting (IF) means that you only eat within a certain time frame – usually 8 hours […]

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Signs and Symptoms of Thyroid Problems

Your thyroid is a butterfly-shaped organ at the base of your throat. For such a small thing it can cause a host of problems, some of which may be difficult to recognize. The signs and symptoms of thyroid problems can be easily mistaken, but experts are trained to recognize the hormone imbalances that may be […]

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Can a Gluten-Free Diet Help With Blood Sugar Control?

Gluten-free diets are popular for a reason: they’ve helped many people feel better. But is gluten-free good or bad for diabetics? Would a gluten-free diet help with blood sugar control? As with many diet changes, the answer is not simple. Here are some of the facts about skipping gluten and staying healthy as a diabetic. […]

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Toxic Side Effects of Artificial Sweeteners

Almost any sweet food or drink you can buy is available in a “sugar-free” version. Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s not sweet; it means the sugar has been replaced with artificial sweeteners – and the effects that come with them. You can find soft drinks, baked goods, candy, puddings, canned foods, and jams with these chemical […]

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